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How To Record Iptv On Nvidia Shield – IPTVUK.UK

How to Record IPTV on Nvidia Shield

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a technology that allows you to stream TV channels via the internet instead of traditional cable or satellite. With Nvidia Shield, you can watch your favorite channels in HD quality. However, what if you want to record an IPTV stream for later viewing? In this article, we’ll show you how to record IPTV on Nvidia Shield.

Step 1: Install “IPTV Recorder” app

To record IPTV on Nvidia Shield, you need to download and install the “IPTV Recorder” app. This app is available on the Google Play Store and is free to use. Once the app is installed, open it.

Step 2: Add your IPTV playlist

The next step is to add your IPTV playlist to the app. You can either add a Playlist URL or upload a file. If you have an M3U file, click on “Upload playlist” and select the file. If you have a Playlist URL, click on “Add Playlist” and enter the URL.

Step 3: Schedule a recording

Once your playlist is added to the app, you can schedule a recording. To do this, click on the “Schedule” tab and select the channel you want to record. You can choose the start time, end time, duration, and frequency of the recording. You can also choose where to save the recording.

Step 4: Start the recording

When it’s time to start a recording, go to the “Library” tab and click on the “Start Recording” button. The app will start recording the channel you scheduled. You can also record multiple channels at once.

Step 5: Watch the recording

Once the recording is completed, you can watch it on your Nvidia Shield. Go to the “Library” tab and select the recording you want to watch. The recording will be saved in the location you specified earlier.

Step 6: Edit the recording (optional)

If you want to edit the recording before watching it, you can do that too. Go to the “Library” tab, select the recording, and click on the “Edit” button. You can trim the start and end of the recording, change the title, and add tags.

Step 7: Delete the recording

If you want to delete a recording, go to the “Library” tab, select the recording, and click on the “Delete” button. The recording will be permanently deleted from your Nvidia Shield.


Recording IPTV on Nvidia Shield is easy with the “IPTV Recorder” app. You can schedule recordings, record multiple channels, and edit recordings. The app is free to use and available on the Google Play Store. With these steps, you can watch your favorite IPTV channels anytime you want.

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