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How To Put Iptv On Mag 256 – IPTVUK.UK


IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is becoming more popular nowadays due to the benefits users can get from it. With IPTV, you can stream live TV channels and on-demand content from anywhere in the world. If you own a MAG 256 receiver and want to integrate IPTV onto it, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you on how to put IPTV on MAG 256.

Step By Step Guide to Put IPTV on MAG 256

1. Purchase a subscription from an IPTV provider that offers MAG 256 compatibility.

2. Locate the MAC address of your MAG 256 receiver. You can find it at the bottom of your MAG 256 device or in the System Settings.

3. Provide your IPTV provider with your MAG 256 MAC address. They will use this to activate your IPTV subscription.

4. Power on the MAG 256 device.

5. In the main menu, go to Settings then System Settings.

6. Scroll down and click on Servers.

7. You will see options for various servers; select the first server option.

8. Enter your subscription information provided by IPTV provider in the fields given.

9. Click on Apply to save.

10. Restart the MAG 256 device. It will now connect to the IPTV server you just set up.

11. Go to the main menu on your MAG 256 receiver and choose the TV channels you want to watch.

Additional Steps For Adding Portal URL And EPG

1. First, Turn on your MAG 256 device and go to the main page. Select the Settings tab, then select System Settings from the drop-down menu.

2. Click on Servers and go to the Portal tab.

3. In the Portal URL field, add the URL provided by your IPTV service provider.

4. In the name field, enter any name to identify the Portal.

5. Press OK to save.

6. Go down to the EPG tab and enter the EPG URL given to you by IPTV provider in the URL field.

7. Press OK to save.

8. Restart your MAG 256 receiver.

9. You can now see the channels and EPG in the list.


We hope you found this article helpful in putting IPTV on MAG 256. Following the steps provided, adding an IPTV subscription to your MAG 256 receiver should be a seamless process. Just remember to find your device’s MAC address, subscribe to an IPTV service that supports MAG 256 receivers, and follow the instructions above. With IPTV on your MAG 256 device, you can now enjoy your favorite TV channels from anywhere in the world.

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