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How To Pair Iptv Remote – IPTVUK.UK

How To Pair Iptv Remote

If you have an IPTV box at home, you understand the convenience and comfort that comes with controlling your television and streaming media from a single device. The remote is the vital component that makes this possible. However, there are times when the IPTV remote fails to control the IPTV box or your TV. This can be frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. If you’re experiencing this problem, you need to pair your IPTV remote with your IPTV box to get everything working. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with simple steps on how to pair your IPTV remote like a pro.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pairing IPTV Remote

1. Remove the Batteries

The first step you should take when pairing your IPTV remote is to remove the batteries. Ensure that you remove all the batteries from the remote and wait for a few seconds before moving to the next step.

2. Reset the Remote

Now reset the remote by pressing and holding the power button for at least five seconds. After five seconds, release the button and wait for the remote to reset.

3. Press the T.V Button and the OK button simultaneously

Once the remote has reset, press the TV button and the OK button simultaneously. Hold these buttons for around five seconds and then wait for the LED at the top of the remote to light up.

4. Enter the Code

Now enter the code for your IPTV box. Each media box comes with an individual code that the remote must enter to control the device. Therefore, if you got your IPTV box from a provider, contact them for the code and enter it on the remote to pair it.

5. Wait for Confirmation

Once you have entered the code, wait for a few seconds for confirmation. If the confirmation LED lights up, it means you have successfully paired your IPTV remote with your IPTV box.

6. Test Everything Out

After pairing your IPTV remote successfully, test everything to ensure everything is working as it should. You can try changing channels and switch your IPTV box and TV on and off with the remote. If it works, congratulations! You have successfully paired your IPTV remote.


Pairing your IPTV remote is easy and straightforward, and you don’t require any technical knowledge. If your IPTV remote is not working correctly, it’s likely due to it being unpaired. Follow the above steps to pair your IPTV remote with your IPTV box. At first, this may seem challenging, but once you do it, you’ll be able to control all your media devices with a single remote with ease.

Never struggle with an unpaired IPTV remote again. Follow our guide and learn how to pair your IPTV remote like a pro. With a paired IPTV remote, you’ll have better control over IPTV set-top boxes or Smart TVs. Remember to always follow the instructions provided with the IPTV box, as each one may have unique functionality. Pair your IPTV remote and take control of your TV programming today!

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