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How To Install Iptv On Zgemma S2 – IPTVUK.UK

How To Install IPTV On Zgemma S2

If you’re tired of paying for cable and satellite TV and are looking for a budget-friendly solution for streaming your favorite shows, movies, and sports content, IPTV is a great option. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a popular way for people to access live TV channels and on-demand content using an internet connection. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of installing IPTV on your Zgemma S2 so you can start streaming right away.

Step 1: Download the IPTV Player Plugin

The first step is to download the IPTV player plugin that will allow you to access the IPTV channels. You can download the player plugin by going to the Zgemma S2’s menu and selecting “Menu” > “Plugins” > “Extensions” > “IPTV Player.” Once you’ve located the IPTV player plugin, download and install it onto your Zgemma S2.

Step 2: Configure the IPTV Player Plugin

You’ll need to configure the IPTV player plugin so it can connect to your IPTV service provider. To do this, go to “Menu” > “Plugins” > “Extensions” > “IPTV Player” > “Settings” > “IPTV Configuration.” Here, you’ll find the required settings for your IPTV service provider, which should include the server URL, username, and password. Enter these details carefully, ensuring that there are no typos.

Step 3: Add Your IPTV Channel List

After you’ve configured the IPTV player plugin, it’s time to add your IPTV channel list to the Zgemma S2. You can usually get the channel list from your IPTV service provider or online. Once you have the channel list, you can save it onto a USB drive and then plug the USB drive into the Zgemma S2.

To add the IPTV channel list, go to “Menu” > “Plugins” > “Extensions” > “IPTV Player” > “Settings” > “Playlists.” Here, you’ll see an option to “Import Playlist.” Select this option and navigate to the USB drive where you saved your channel list. Choose the file and click “ok.” The IPTV player plugin will then import the channel list onto your Zgemma S2.

Step 4: Start Streaming Your IPTV Channels

After you’ve added your IPTV channel list, you’re ready to start streaming your favorite channels. To do this, go to “Menu” > “Plugins” > “Extensions” > “IPTV Player” and select your channel list from the drop-down menu. You’ll see a list of all the channels available on your IPTV service provider.

Simply click on the channel you want to watch and wait a few moments for the stream to start. You can use the remote control to change channels, pause, and rewind the streams. You should now be able to enjoy all your favorite TV channels at a fraction of the cost of traditional cable and satellite TV.


Installing IPTV on your Zgemma S2 is a straightforward process that can save you a lot of money on your television expenses. Using an IPTV service is a great way to access your favorite TV channels and on-demand content without the need for a cable or satellite TV subscription. By following the steps outlined in this post, you’ll be able to install IPTV and start streaming your favorite TV channels on your Zgemma S2 in no time.

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