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How To Install Iptv On Enigma2 – IPTVUK.UK

How To Install Iptv On Enigma2

Enigma2 is a popular open-source software used in more than 70% of the IPTV boxes. It delivers high picture quality with excellent user experience, making it an ideal choice for IPTV users. In this article, we will guide you on how to install IPTV on Enigma2.

Step 1: Download IPTV Plugin

To install IPTV on Enigma2, you need to install the IPTV plugin. You can download the plugin from the OpenPLi website, which is a reliable and trusted source for Enigma2 plugins. After downloading, save the file to your PC.

Step 2: Transfer Plugin to Enigma2 Box

After downloading, you need to transfer the plugin file to your Enigma2 box. You can use any FTP software to transfer the file. FileZilla is a great option. Install the FTP software on your PC and connect it with your Enigma2 Box. Once connected, upload the downloaded file to the Enigma2 box.

Step 3: Install Plugin

Now that the plugin file is on your Enigma2 box, you need to install it. Open the Enigma2 box and navigate to the menu. Select the plugins option from the menu. Select the download plugins option and go to the local extension option. From here, install the IPTV plugin by selecting it from the list.

Step 4: Configure IPTV Plugin

After installing the plugin, you need to configure it to get the IPTV channels. You need to have an IPTV subscription to enter the details required to access the channels. Open the IPTV plugin from the plugin menu. Select the add playlist option and enter the M3U playlist URL. If you are having trouble finding the playlist URL, ask your IPTV service provider.

Once you have entered the URL, save the playlist. The IPTV channels will now be displayed in your Enigma2 box.


Enigma2 is a great option to watch IPTV because of its high picture quality and user-friendly interface. Installing IPTV on Enigma2 is also straightforward if you follow the steps outlined in this article. Remember that you need to have an IPTV subscription to access the channels. If you encounter any problems during the installation process, seek help from professional IPTV service providers. Enjoy your IPTV experience on Enigma2!

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