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How To Create Iptv Panel – IPTVUK.UK

How To Create Iptv Panel

IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, allows users to watch television programs via an internet connection. IPTV operators require a system to manage their services, including the management of customers, subscribers, content, and billing services. For this purpose, an IPTV panel is used.

An IPTV panel is a software application that streamlines the operation of an IPTV system. It helps to manage customers, their subscriptions, content and channels and offers several features like payment gateway integration, channel management, subscriber management, VOD, and live streaming. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to create an IPTV panel.

1. Choose an appropriate IPTV panel software

The first step in creating an IPTV panel is to choose an appropriate IPTV panel software. Several options are available, and it’s essential to choose the one that suits your requirements. Popular IPTV panel software includes XtreamUI, Streaminy, MyIPTV Panel, and Xtream Codes.

2. Set up a web server

The next step is setting up a web server. The web server is the platform where the IPTV panel software is installed, making it accessible through the internet. It is essential to choose a stable and reliable web hosting provider that offers sufficient resources to support the IPTV services.

3. Install and configure IPTV panel software

Once the web server is set up, download the chosen IPTV panel software and install it on the server. The software’s installation process may vary depending on the software chosen. After the installation, configure the panel by providing the necessary details like server IP, streaming port, database details, and payment gateway details.

4. Set up Content management system

The next step involves setting up a content management system (CMS) to organize and manage the IPTV content and channels. A CMS helps you upload and categorize channels and content, assign them to specific packages, and manage playlists and schedules.

5. Enable Payment Gateway integration

Enabling payment gateway integration is essential for IPTV service providers. IPTV panel software comes with payment gateway modules that allow customers to pay for their subscriptions. Payment gateway integration ensures that the IPTV service provider gets paid, while the customers enjoy uninterrupted service.

6. Set up customer and subscriber management system

The IPTV panel software comes with a customer and subscriber management system that helps keep track of customer subscriptions, usage, and billing. This system helps with the management of user accounts, creation of plans and packages, and setting up multi-connections.

7. Set up a VOD (Video On Demand) system

A VOD system is an essential component of an IPTV system. It enables customers to access movies and TV series on-demand. Set up a VOD system in your IPTV panel, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite movies and TV series anytime they want.


In conclusion, creating an IPTV panel requires choosing the appropriate software, setting up a web server, installing and configuring the IPTV panel software, setting up a content management system, enabling payment gateway integration, setting up customer and subscriber management systems, and setting up a VOD system. With these in place, IPTV service providers can manage their IPTV systems efficiently, providing high-quality, uninterrupted service to their customers.

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