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How To Add Epg To Iptv – IPTVUK.UK

How To Add Epg To Iptv

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) has revolutionized the way we consume television content. With IPTV, you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and live events from anywhere in the world, with just an internet connection. Having Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to your IPTV is an excellent addition that offers insight into the channel content schedule, which makes it even more convenient for us. EPG provides information such as program description, broadcast time, and duration of each program. In this blog post, we will show you how to add EPG to IPTV.

What You Need

To add EPG to your IPTV, you will need an IPTV subscription, m3u file, IPTV player, XMLTV URL, and an EPG guide.

Step 1: Acquiring The XMLTV URL

The first step involves getting the XMLTV URL, which you can obtain from a reliable EPG guide provider. You can choose to go for free XMLTV URLs or paid ones, depending on the quality of service you need.

Step 2: Adding The XMLTV URL To The IPTV Player

The second step is adding the XMLTV URL to your IPTV player. First, open your IPTV player and navigate through the settings. Then, locate the EPG source and paste the XMLTV URL received from the EPG guide provider. Click on Apply and save changes.

Step 3: Refreshing The IPTV Player

After adding the XMLTV URL to the IPTV player, we need to refresh the IPTV player. To do this, exit the IPTV player and restart it. When the player launches, the EPG guide should be available in the EPG guide section.

Step 4: Viewing The EPG Guide

Once the EPG guide is available in the IPTV player, navigate to the EPG guide section. In most IPTV players, like Kodi and Perfect Player, the EPG guide is available on the screen’s left-hand side. You will find information such as program description, time of broadcast, program duration, and much more.


Adding EPG to your IPTV player is crucial if you want to keep track of the TV programs you follow. The setup process shouldn’t take long, and you only need to follow the steps we have outlined above. Additionally, there are many reliable EPG guide providers online. However, we advise you to choose the one that offers the best service for your IPTV player. We hope this article helped you get a better understanding of how to add EPG to IPTV.

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